Our Services

The Firm provide to national and international clients the following services.

Establish / Set Up Companies

  • Feasibility study of the business project;
  • Choice of the most appropriate legal structure;
  • Start-up analysis;
  • Economic and financial analysis of the project;
  • Initial fiscal and administrative procedures.


  • Analysis and monitoring of financial balance;
  • Budget analysis (interim situations);
  • Planning, diagnosis and control of financial structure and requirements;
  • Capital transactions (increases, reductions, etc.);
  • Management control;
  • Market analysis;
  • Business Plan & Budgeting;
  • Company valuation.


  • National and international tax planning;
  • Tax reliefs;
  • Tax litigation.


  • Analysis of corporate structure and corporate governance;
  • Study of shareholders’ agreements;
  • Transfer of SRL shares;
  • Board of Auditors assignments;
  • Legal advice for extraordinary M&A operations;
  • Technical consultancy;
  • Assistance in the generational transition of companies;

Administration & Accounting

  • General accounting system;
  • Study and creation of the Chart of Accounts;
  • Balance sheet;
  • Privacy compliance;
  • Voluntary liquidations;
  • Personnel management (Payroll);
  • Corporate domiciliation.


  • Statutory audit;
  • Voluntary or mandatory budget audits;
  • Analysis and monitoring of financial balance;
  • Corporate restructuring.


  • Expertise (CTP) for arbitrations and conciliations;
  • Technical consultancy for legal procedures;
  • Official Liquidator at the Court of Padua;
  • Assistance in liquidation in compliance with the Italian Bankruptcy Law.

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    • Assistance with contracts (deeds of sale of properties);
    • Settlement of family assets;
    • Lease and rental contracts;


    • Tax returns;
    • Indirect and local tax declarations (VAT – ICI);
    • Targeted personal tax advice:
    • Assistance at the Tax Office;

    Economic & Finance

    • Financial advice (mortgages, financing);
    • Investment evaluation;


    • Expertise (CTP) for arbitrations and conciliations;
    • Technical consultancy for legal procedures;